hardwood floor installation

Existing Hardwood Floors Can BE Renewed For A New Look

When a family purchases an older home with out of date, stained carpets, they will need to be removed and new flooring purchased. If one is lucky enough to find solid wood floors underneath the old carpet, it is like hitting the jackpot. Many of these wood floors can be repaired and refinished to look like new at a fraction of the cost of new flooring. When older wood flooring is discovered underneath other flooring, one should call in hardwood flooring refinishing contractors to assess the floor and see if it can be repaired and refinished. If one or more rooms can be fixed and some can not, new wood can be installed to match or blend with the existing floor. Then, the whole house of wood flooring can be finished to match.

When wood flooring has been covered with carpet or vinyl flooring, there may be a large number of nails and staples to remove. In the case of vinyl, there may be glue to remove from the wood before refinishing can begin. Older wood floors may have damaged or missing areas of wood that need to be patched in with matching material before the floor is finished. A good hardwood flooring refinisher is also skilled at hardwood floor repair and hardwood floor installation. A talented floor refinisher can do everything needed to make old wood flooring look like new for many more years of use. The floor refinisher must first make the determination of whether the floor is savable or not. If it is not savable, the homeowner may choose to have it replaced with new wood flooring.

New unfinished hardwood flooring and older hardwood flooring both need the same finishing methods before they are ready to live on. They must be screened, which is the practice of sanding with descending grits of sandpaper. It starts with coarse and gets progressively finer until a smooth, perfect surface is achieved. Good flooring finishers are careful to use as little sanding as possible so as not to wear the wood down too much.

After the sanding process is complete, all debris and dust are carefully removed and the floor is stained with an even layer of wood stain. The final step is to apply several coats of strong, clear finish with drying time in between. Once the finish coats have dried and cured, the floor is ready for use. A newly finished floor is beautiful, warm, and durable for many years. Go To the website for more information.